CSS Exam · April 17, 2021

How to Read Newspaper for CSS Exam Effectively?

How to Read Newspaper for CSS Exam
How to Read Newspaper for CSS Exam Preparation

Before we jump right into the topic “How to read newspaper for CSS”, we would like to tell you “WHY” you need to read the newspaper.

Newspaper reading helps a person to stay in touch with current issues around the globe.

It helps to broaden the perspective and analytical skills of the reader. When a person is reading Op-eds written by eminent writers of Dawn, The News, NY Times, Guardian, etc.

He learns to analyze the opinions of experts, and then he can formulate his own unique opinions.

When he jots down his unique ideas in his papers, the examiner gets impressed by the versatility of his ideas and resultantly he scores more than others.

So, there is a marked difference in the written explanation of a person who reads the newspaper and the one who doesn’t read it.

For CSS aspirants, the importance of a newspaper can’t be more emphasized as it helps in both compulsory and optional subjects.

Why Newspaper is important?

The quality material that a person can get from a newspaper has no equal and this valuable information can easily be replicated in Essay, Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, Islamiat, International Affairs, Political Science, or any other paper.

The statistics, quotes, opinions, facts, and figures cited in the newspaper are the freshest ones, and reading them rescues a lot of time as you can quickly note them down while reading paper.

From the past five years, there has been a prompt shift in the model of question papers.

Gone are the days when a person could memorize the top 20 questions from every subject and pass the CSS Exam.

Now, competitive exams need more creativity and analytical thinking which can only be developed by reading actively.

The way you grasp what’s being asked in the paper and the way you write down your answer defines your future in CSS.

Having said that, it’s not difficult to develop a sound written expression which can easily be learned by reading quality newspapers and writing consistently.

By following this, you can surely learn to write an opinion-based answer during exams under the tremendous stress of time.

Start Reading the Newspaper Now!

To be honest, when you’ll start reading the newspaper you’ll use to feel that it’s a sheer wastage of time as you’ll unable to comprehend what is written in there and it used to take a lot of my time.

But increasingly you’ll start enjoying reading it and now it’s the habit to read the Dawn newspaper daily.

At this stage, you might not find it beneficial but the massive information and statistics that you read right now will make their way to your subconscious mind.

And you’ll be surprised to notice that you’ll be able to produce quality material you never knew in the exam hall.

It only comes through constant reading of good articles from the reputable newspaper.

To sum it up, there’s no alternative to newspaper reading.

How to read newspaper for CSS preparation (Dawn)

When you’ll start reading, it uses to consume a lot of my time as you won’t know what is supposed to read for CSS.

For beginners, we’ll recommend DAWN newspaper because of its unbiased opinions.

Let’s dive answer the question “How to read newspaper for CSS Exam”. The portions that you need to read include:

  1. Front and Back page to understand the current national events.
  2. Editorials and Opinions to strengthen your own opinions concerning all national and international issues.
  3. The Friday Article in Dawn newspaper benefits a lot in Islamiat paper as it helps in forming a fair opinion on relevant religious topics.
  4. The International pages to stay in touch with International Affairs.
  5. The business page to stay in the loop with the state of the global economy.
  6. Finally, in Sunday’s “Images”, articles by Nadeem Paracha, Anjum Niaz, and Mubarak Ali are very well-written as they are well studied and include a lot of topics like social issues, terrorism, national security issues, etc.
  7. Now, if your mind gets overburdened you may take a tea break and read your horoscope on the metropolitan leisure page. You’ll get to know that your future is bright and something great is going to happen.

Last Tip: Make Notes

When you read an article, try to summarize it in one line and write that on top of it.

Now, whenever you feel like revising any topic you may take the clipped articles on that particular topic.

It will save a lot of your time and by the end of the year you would have made your special notes and you can circumvent all Dogars, IImis, Cram Series, and JWT stuff.

And believe me, hard work never gets wasted and you’ll be rewarded by Allah Almighty InshaAllah!