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CSS Exam Date Sheet 2020 has been announced by FPSC. You can view or download it by clicking the buttons below. Stay tuned to get latest updates.

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CSS Exam Date Sheet 2020

Kumail Kazmi
by Kumail Kazmi
CSS Date Sheet 2020

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has announced the CSS date sheet 2020 for CSS exams to be held in February 2020. As per the date sheet, CSS exams shall start from Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Last paper shall be held on February 20. For more detailed information, please click the View Online button given above. And if you want to Download CSS Date Sheet 2020 then click the download button above. CSS Date Sheet 2020 will be announced soon and you will be able to check your CSS date sheet for the year 2020 on Smadent. We will keep you informed about the latest updates of CSS date sheet 2020.

CSS means Central Superior Services. CSS is a competitive exam that occurs in Pakistan every year to hire the people to assist the civil services of Pakistan.

CSS exam is taken by FPSC every year in January. Only the candidates between 21st and 30 years old are eligible to apply for CSS Exam. CSS Exam has two major parts, written test and viva(interview).

In the first part FPSC test the students in 12 different subjects. Six subjects are compulsory and 6 are optional. Candidate can choose six subjects of its own choice from many different options. There is a total of 1200 numbers and a candidate must have to get 600 marks to pass the exam.

Candidates can apply for the exam in November and December every year. To be eligible for this test you should have completed the graduation with 75% marks either in BA or BSc. One candidate can give this test a maximum three times. FPSC announces the names of passed candidates after the exams. FPSC is an agency of government which is responsible for hiring the servants and the bureaucrats for the Government of Pakistan.

Bureaucrats are responsible to manage the operations of a country. The government wants people who have enough abilities and expertise to manage the system of the country. Therefore the CSS Exam is very strict.

According to a resource, only 2.5% of candidates passed the CSS written exam the previous year. FPSC tests a candidate by its management skills, risk management, fear management, leadership, physical fitness and mental health and chooses the perfect candidate for the available posts.

There are 12 options available for a candidate to choose one from them, that are given below.

Stay tuned to get the latest updates related to CSS Date Sheet 2020.

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