CSS Psychological Test rules

CSS Exam Psychological Assessment Test Rules and Regulations

CSS Psychological Test

In this article, you are going to learn about CSS Psychological Test or Assessment which is a very important phase of CSS Exam. You have already learnt about CSS Written Test and CSS Medical Test in previous articles. CSS Psychological Test is also a very crucial stage which aims to test your critical thinking, intelligent quotient and personality by taking various tests.

Types of CSS Psychological Test:

The following is a brief explanation of the tests that you are expected to experience:

Intelligence Test

Intelligence test measures different strengths in a candidate and these are conducted in multiple-choice questions (MCQs) format. There are selective types of ability tests, but the most regularly used in the recruitment process are described below.

Abstract Ability

Mostly called a Conceptual Reasoning Test, aims to determine your ability to swiftly identify the relationship between the patterns, logical rules and integrate this information to find the solution. You will be granted with sets of shapes having a logical relationship. Your task is to identify the most fitting shape that comes next in the order from the choices provided.

The test is meant to assess your aptitude in quickly analyzing new information and thinking strategically to solve puzzles.

Verbal Ability

This test points to measure your ability to understand and communicate information by challenging you to identify word similarities or synonyms/antonyms, etc.

Numerical Ability

The numerical ability test measures your capability to use and understand information or scenario that is shown to you in basic numerical form for making the best choices. All the tasks are to be performed within the allocated time. Therefore, you have to work as quickly as possible, since, most questions and tasks start easy and progressively get more challenging.

Personality Test

These tests are meant to assess and predict your primary personality traits such as Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeability, Neuroticism along with your confidence, maturity level, enthusiasm, ability to deal with stress and solve different difficulties, your administrative, management and leadership qualities.

Tip: Don't try to be over smart, be yourself.

Personality Trait Questionnaire

There are two types of personality Trait questionnaires:
In which you have to give your answer is “yes or no” format.
The other will consist of open-ended questions whereby you will be needed to specify your preferences, likes, dislikes, interests, etc.

Story Writing

Here you will be given an indefinite black-and-white picture of human life and will be told to write a story.

It is necessary to assume that you are to tell a story and not simply describe the picture.

The story should contain these four elements:

Sentence Completion

You will be asked to complete some sentences by adding missing words from them.

For example:
I like……
I regret………
Back home…………
The happiest time…………
I want to know………
It is thought that the individuals would consider their desires, wishes, fears & beliefs fulfilment of sentences.


It’s a brief story about the life of a person written by himself. I call it how you introduce yourself to anyone on a written piece of paper. Your writing should be so well-organised that examiner should be excited to meet you in a one-to-one interview.

In the autobiography, you are expected to write aspects of your life story, which may cover:

Birthplace to Elementary School Years Family – Immediate (Parents, Siblings, Children); Extended (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.)

College/University/Education Years
Special Occasions
Career/Work Years
Hobbies/Vocational Activities
Sports/Recreation Activities
Places Lived
Accomplishments — Awards / Honours Received
Spiritual Journey
Military Service/Volunteer Activities
Lessons from Life, etc.

Command Task

The basic purpose of the command task is to judge your leadership qualities, management skills and decision-making power beside with the level of confidence and maturity that you own.

You shall be given a situation in writing and you will be asked to analyze the situation/problem and come up with a proper solution within 15 minutes. You will be asked to lead a meeting while acting in a certain position (e.g. DCO, IGP, SSP, etc.) concerning the situation that has been provided to you and to accomplish the goal of the project.


Group Discussion


Interview with Psychologist

The same day, after the group session is over, you will meet a panel of psychologists for a brief interview who at the end will prepare a collaborated report on the information you have provided about your personality, ability and aptitude in the 2-day activity.

You may be asked a series of questions for providing additional information about yourself, justifications for the preferences that you have mentioned in your written personality tests and to clear any ambiguity if encountered in your writing. You may also be asked about your opinion on various social and political scenarios happening both in Pakistan and on the international level.

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